AllEars: Immersive Web Audio

AllEars: Immersive Web Audio

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Furthering websites as installation art, accessible immersive media, and hybrid listening environments.

Through the Develop Your Creative Practice grant, I am building a toolkit for artists, web developers, and musicians to build immersive experiences accessible to screen readers in the browser. This approach aims to utilize open web standards to enable myself and others to create websitec installations that allow for hybridity with in-person immersive installations like projections and speaker arrays.

I see an opportunity to develop technology for accessible, web-based immersive audio. Using the 3D Javascript library Three.js, a spatial audio library (JSAmbisonics), and the WebXR framework A-Frame, I want to explore the development of creating spatial audio experiences on the web. I want to consider keyboards, screen readers, game controllers, and mobile phones as alternatives to headsets. I wish to write open-source code for software and existing hardware, and begin a blog as a resource for creating immersive audio content for the web.

To further the technology I wish to build, I will run a small series of public workshops on web-based spatial audio controllers for low-vision, low-mobility, and neurodivergent musicians. I want to explore the interaction design of immersive media that that’s fun for everyone.

With this development opportunity I hope to make immersive media creation more accessible for digital and sound artists. Web-based immersive media is still in its infancy, and there will be more opportunities to provide services for theatre companies, venues, digital agencies, musical instrument manufacturers, and game studios. I intend to develop more tools for artists who work with immersive sound for film, ambisonics, game audio, and future audiovisual technologies.