Digital Education & Learning Technologies Applications (DELTA)

Digital Education & Learning Technologies Applications (DELTA)

As an Immersive Media Support Specialist at DELTA for over 2 years, I contributed media deliverables to 4 individual college courses, across 3 grant cycles. Other responsibilities included in research and development for immersive media and the evaluation of new immersive media platforms for use in the classroom. We developed media pipelines for VR Video production and distribution, ambisonic audio integration, photogrammetry, and immersive web-based content.


  • Web Development
  • VR Video Editing
  • Spatial Audio
  • UI/UX Design
  • Research & Development

Fire Ecology (FOR 595)

I designed and created a website that functioned as an aggregate for different types of immersive media for a fire ecology course.

The design constraints were tight. We wanted a site that could be passed off to an external IT department at NC State's College of Natural Resources. Our options for web design were either Wordpress or a static html site. Since we wanted a lot of custom interaction, I pursued the static html approach.

Horizontal works best because it works well with our linear perception of time.

Instead of scrolling through year, it was clear that scrolling through each capture date was better because there could be either no captures in a year or more than one capture in a year. The Greensock Timeline is still scrollable.

And if we chose date over year/season, the pin page that displays the different kinds of media can focus on only showing what media was captured at a specific date. And, you can still navigate to different pins for a specific date. Each link is loaded from a Google Sheet and can be updated by anyone.

Other Courses

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